How to Find Router IP address

If you are looking to access the router web-based setup page, you need your router IP address gain access. If you are not able to access your router IP address, don’t worry here we are going to guide you on how to find the router IP address. An IP address (short for Internet Protocol address) is a unique address where you can connect your device to a network or the internet. Finding the IP address is easy, just you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to find your router IP address on routerip

To access your router you need to log in. Before login to your router, you must know your IP address. You can easily identify your IP address, it is having four numbers which are separated by full steps. A default gateway is an IP address, mostly it is used for home and small business network and sharing. By using a single router you can connect your wireless network to the several devices. Routers IP address is important for your computer to connect your internet. Because if you open the browser, in order to locate your routers web-based setup page.

Find Router IP address :

  • In Windows click on control panel in address bar, Now open the control panel
  • In command prompt there is a category called Network and Internet, there click on “View network status and tasks” link.
  • Then it will open the “Network and Sharing Center” window, now click on your network connection.
  • From your router IP address there is an “Ethernet Status” window and click on the details button.
  • Now it will open the “Network Connection Details” window, from here you can find your routers IP address listed as “IPv4 Default Gateway.”

This IP address is assigned in a numerical label, using this router IP address you can be able to connect your device to a computer for communication. The IP address is having 2 principal functions which are a host or a network interface identification and location addressing.

To access control panel you need your router’s IP address. Every router starts with 192.168 as the default LAN IP address. You can enter this address into your address bar so that you can able to access control panel and settings. For that you need to enter router’s admin username and password. Actually devices have the static IP addresses and set control panel to your router. Knowing routers IP address will helps you for troubleshooting your router or a wireless network connection. If you are looking to change your WiFi name and password, you need your routers IP address or setup VPN protocols such as OpenVPN or PPTP.

Private IP address is also known as Gateway IP address, so that from all devices can access internet using home network. From this IP address you can also configure your router settings through the web interface. If you want to use someone home network, you need to know public IP address.